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Don't Suffer, Communicate!


Don't Suffer, Communicate!

  • A Zen Guide to Compassionate Communication


    Cheri Huber and Ashwini Narayanan


    In the words of John O’ Donohue, “The beauty of being human is that we are incredibly, intimately near each other, we know about each other, but yet we do not know or never can know what it’s like inside another person.” We attempt to bridge this gap of “not knowing” via communication and find ourselves frustrated by our inability to achieve the closeness that we so intensely desire. Why? Because more often than not ego gets in the way, distorting what we say, goading us into saying what we don’t mean to say, or receiving what other people say in ways that maintain our sense of isolation.


    This book offers an explanation of how ego controls the communication channels and how we can keep ego out of our conversations. Written in the style of an “Advice Column” where readers send in their communication troubles for guidance, this book offers practical ways to deal with issues that arise around day-to-day communications. Whether it’s a personal problem with communication (I'm shy, I talk too much, I'm not clear when I communicate, I tend to say the wrong things, I hate silences) or communication difficulties with another (boss, partner, parent, close friend, store clerk) this book breaks down the process of ego interference and offers a way to restore connection in a humorous and compassionate style.


    Transcending ego is a spiritual practice. That’s why this is not just another book on communication. In rooting ego out of our communications, we're also walking a path to ending suffering. We are practicing compassionate speech that makes for clarity.


    Also available as an eBook.

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