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What Universe Are You Creating?


What Universe Are You Creating?

  • In every moment you create the universe you live in. Everyone does. We can create a miserable existence to struggle in, or we can create a compassionate existence to delight in. It’s mostly a matter of what we attend to.


    The quality of your life is determined by the focus of your attention. Recording and Listening is a simple and powerful way of directing your focus of attention away from old familiar thoughts of what’s wrong and should be different. With this deck of cards and guidebook and a recording device, you will learn to find wisdom and clarity within you—and from that place create any universe you choose.


    Structured as a daily game, this book and card deck has readers randomly choose a card and then read the corresponding pages in the book. The intention is to broaden perspective, lift spirits, and improve the quality of life. What Universe Are You Creating? is a playful, powerful tool for learning the skill that frees us: Zen, the practice of presence. Recording and Listening is a revolutionary tool for practicing turning attention from incessant, haranguing, karmically conditioned patterns of thought and action to the peace of presence. Recording in your own voice and then listening to kind words, encouragement, inspirational readings, favorite songs, gratitude lists, meditations—in short, being our own mentor—turns attention away from the constant stream of negative self-talk, revealing its illusory nature.

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